This example shows the length of each of the columns. In this example, each of the columns have been given a class of clear, to ensure they are displayed below each other.

Out of the box

With GRIDINATOR CSS you get an easy to use, customizable base to build layouts. You don't get typography, you don't get fancy styling, you don't get rubbish you won't use. What you do get is a solid starting point for laying out your site.

Into the grid

If you aren't sure what a grid layout is, I would recommend checking out some good posts by Khoi Vinh and maybe this article from Smashing Magazine. Also worth checking out is Fluid Grids from A List Apart. That should keep you busy for a while.

two-col 140px

three-col 220px

four-col 300px

five-col 380px

six-col 460px

seven-col 540px

eight-col 620px

nine-col 700px

ten-col 780px

eleven-col 860px

twelve-col 940px